Mister Tickles Grabber 2016

Why do we call them Grabbers? Because they can.

Mister Tickles is a Beastly UV reactive Jaw Dropping Clown with Giant hands that can grab you and try to bite your head off. He is installed on a track mounted at 8′ so any haunt can install them. But they can be installed on a track mounted higher for an even more dynamic appearance.

Actor controls the entire action of the Grabber with the arm extensions: sliding body forward and back on track, head and body rotation turning left to right, audio, and jaw movement by push button. Comes complete with actormatronic w led eyes, and pneumatics to control jaw movement, w push button controls, 8′ track, 4 wheel trolley, chain for suspending actormatronic, 40′ cat 5 for wiring, 40′ 1/4 airline, regulator w moisture trap, audio and led control board w sd card with programmed sounds, and a weatherproof enclosure.

Add 200 watt Powered Speaker for $300 including cable

Shipping to be determined