Munch O matic Actor table Illusion 2016

Munch “O” Matic Actor Table Illusion 2016:

The Munch “O” Matic Table Illusion is a cross between an Animation and an Actormatronic.
The actor activates the whole system

A 3 channel controller controls the whole event. The Crushing Drum starts spinning and begins shredding the actor from the legs up. The actors body is hidden inside the table while a fake body is on top of the table. The fake body is mounted to the table so the actor can slam forward adding alot of life to the animation.
Motorized to spin the motor. ALL 12 volt DC low voltage.
Table is decorated steam punk industrial, and also gory with guts sliding off the table onto the floor.
and a nasty little gore pillow so the actor can be in the table ALL night long.
The chair built into the table is also padded for additional comfort