So, we have learned that most haunts had a great season last year. How do we know that? Our schedule has been filling up since NOV. We have never had a schedule this full this early in the year. We probably should not have attended Transworld, But we did anyway knowing we couldn’t guarantee delivery for 2022 for many who ordered. Disappointing I know but we don’t take peoples money and not deliver.

As the owner of Gore Galore. It is a personal point of pride. We see the failings and successes in this industry, and want to be thought of as the most dependable company in this industry.
We are here to stay, and work very hard to maintain our reputation and we are going to keep it that way. We are NOT going to be thought of as a company that steals people’s money.

With that being said. We are taking a multi prong approach.

1. We are still accepting orders with the understanding that our turn around time is very slow right now. Because of that slow turn around we are dropping our deposit amount from 50% to 25% or $1000.00 whichever is lower. That way we are not holding up to much of our buyers cash flow so they can invest it elsewhere this season, while still being able to hold their place in our schedule.
2. If you cannot afford to have your cash tied up for this long then we can place you on our call list. But the only time that is effective is when we honestly run out of orders or atleast see a gap in our schedule that we can fill or have an order cancellation. We will call those on this list and offer those products to.

We are so very honored to be a highly rated company in this industry, and we thank you for helping us achieve that goal.