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Gore Galore’s baby sled heads can be hid under any scenic piece you create. We built a box to mount it in, but could be a hole in a wall, cave, sewer. Whatever turns your twisted crank, and doesn’t require an actor. Just plug it in, supply air, and off it will go. Loud screeches or roars, moves forward and back, head lifts and drops, jaw 0pens and closes, and eyes light up. It is a damn good scare. We can take any one of our smaller heads and build them onto the 24″ sled mechanism that we like to call our baby sled.
Choice of heads are Eelien, Wharf rat, Viper, Small Goat, Killer Wolf, Pork Chomp as Pictured, Swamp Croc, and our Snap Dragon with more to come.
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