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$ 4,700.00


A complete package of Gory cannibal props to help you decorate a gory scene with all the props you need with one order.

-Gnarly Natalie (we can split body vertically so you can mount on a door for an actor pop out)
-Shredded Corpse
-3 Bloody Skins to hang on the walls
-Stephanie severed head (can go with the gnarly natalie corpse)
-Twisted Chris Severed Head on a Meathook and chain
-Bolts and chains head mounted on rusty chain
-Super gore tray package (foot, hand, brain, flesh, you can remove from the packaging for added detail)
-Bone barrel topper 50 gallon (blood finish)
-Skull and brain barrel topper 5 gallon (blood finish)
-Severed head barrel topper 50 gallon (blood finish)
-Spilled head barrel topper 50 gallon (blood finish)
-intestine barrel topper 50 gallon (blood finish)
-Bone gore pile (blood finish)
-skull and brain gore pile (blood finish)
-Arms and legs gore pile (blood finish)
-Bucket of ears (blood finish)

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