Well here we are! 2024 and just returned from Transworld. It was a great show. We brought a new product line. Lots of alien plant/forest based monsters.
But the product that really brought the house down for Gore Galore was our new WINDEGO WALKING GRABBER.
The windego is a walking grabber. It is a full body creature with full body motion but the operator doesnt have to wear it. The operator is behind it. push button trigger for the jaw motion, eyes, and audio. Operator is strapped into the heals of the windego, and uses handles that extend out of the back of the elbows.
The success of this product is already leading to develop more characters for the line.
Next up is the SEMIGORGON. A three jawed super aggressive actormatronic

then we have the Gnome with Gnives. HE is cast is a super durable self skinning foam with super sharp knives to cut you off at the knees.
And so much more.
Just look for everything under “NEW PRODUCTS”