News From The Shop

Off Season Discount

We are currently offering our off season discount of 10% from now until Dec 31st. So please take advantage of it now by using “offseasdisc” in the shopping cart as you are checking out. We only offer any discount twice a year. Off season and for Transworld. No other time. So Merry Christmas.

Eelien Mini Actormatronic

EElien Mini Actormatronic is the first in a series of new actormatronics we started for 2017. They are intended to be installed anywhere that just requires 24″ minimum size hole in a wall. It comes complete with control arm, throttle style jaw movement, led eyes, chain, eyebolt, and d rings for hanging. Plus a control…

Village Rat Giant Costume

Oversized Rat Costume w scary realistic head movement and jaw action. Stands 8′ tall and has giant claws add a SCREAM CUBE to any costume for $549 LASER CUT STEEL AND ALUMINUM SHOULDER HARNESS How our Giant Costumes make you money – PHOTO-OPS: for viral social media marketing – QUEUE-LINE ENTERTAINMENT: for that customer jaw…