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We deliver the "WOW".

With a reputation that precedes us, Gore Galore is a long standing leading Creator of Haunted House Props from giant costumes, giant puppets, and actormatronics.

We design our products for Queue-line entertainment or within a scene at haunted attractions, themeparks, hayrides, pumpkin patches, and family fun centers. We do everything from haunted house props, halloween decorations, oversized professional costumes, barrel toppers, gore piles, handheld actor weapons, haunted house scene packages, Scream Cube, My Pet Zombies, Halloween Music, and scary sound effects.

Our exclusive line is made entirely by hand in OUR US based studio. Honesty is our best policy.....We don't make promises we can't keep!

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What's Hot From Gore Galore


OFFICIAL Gore Galore black preshrunk 100% cotton T-shirt with Licensed Frank Head chewing on Gore Galore Bone.
Price shown with shipping included


This bust was designed an an optional add on for the Eviscerated Corpse.


Actormatronic Nasty Giant Clown Skull and hands, mounted on 3 independent tracks capable of grabbing at or biting your customers.
Or Just head only on 1 track
also available as haunted house style (more compact) or hayride style ( wide reaching arms)

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What Our Customers Say!

The Harvester Giant Costume. This creepy scarecrow creature has Resin LED eyes, wooden limb like hands, distressed and tattered plaid and brown costume with burlap accents and a burlap hat. It stands 10′ tall with an arm span over 10′. A wonderfully distressed light weight and breathable costume, w fiberglass shoulders mounted on a Proprietory Steel armature w aluminum shoulder harness. ALL costumes come with the stand at NO CHARGE.

add a SCREAM CUBE to any costume for $549

Shipping to be determined

How our Giant Costumes make you money

– PHOTO-OPS: for viral social media marketing
– QUEUE-LINE ENTERTAINMENT: for that customer jaw dropping experience preparing them for what’s inside.
– MARKETING: use for marketing your event in parades and places where you can simultaneously reach thousands of people
– SERVICE PLAN: that is right. We take care of you and our products.
– BUILT IN AUDIO: We can add a scream cube to maximize your customer impact


- The Harvester Giant Costume 2016